Social competition tennis is offered to people of all ages and tennis capabilities. There is a Junior Competition if you are aged seventeen or younger, and Seniors Competition for those who wish to compete after the age of seventeen.

Junior Competition runs during the school terms, on Saturday Mornings, beginning at 8.30 am, however as you reach the higher ranks the timing may change to a 7.45 am start on Saturday mornings, or Friday nights.

Seniors Competition varies according to whom is in your team, a Women’s Competition is run on Tuesday nights, beginning at 7.00 pm, mixed Competition is offered on Wednesday nights at 7.00 pm, and a Men’s Competition is offered on Thursday night beginning at 7.00 pm, or Saturday afternoons, beginning at 1.00 pm,

Team availabilities may change according to the size of teams and the number of people wishing to join.

The club competes in the NSJTA, NSTA, NSNTA and the midweek Ladies Competition.

Midweek ladies play on Thursdays during the day. The club are looking for ladies to play socially or for competition.

For further information regarding Competition, please contact the Club on (03) 9359 3656 or email